The Quarrel Between Writing and I:

I was never fond of writing. If you were to ask me then whether I would like to write an article willingly I would probably laugh and shake my head. Repeatedly. 

Writing and I have been at war ever since the sixth grade. Sixth grade, to say the least, was a complete nightmare. It was my first year in middle school (as if that wasn’t bad enough) but it was also my first year in the United States. Needless to say, throughout the day I was faced with a good deal of obstacles. My favorite? The language barrier. 

To this day, I remember vividly what happened during my very first English class. For nearly two hours, I sat down and wondered, ‘is it no speakie English or I do not speakie English?’ while the teacher kept yapping away. 

However, what really fueled my hatred towards writing was the Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test — also known as the FCAT. Now, the FCAT is a state exam that measures a student’s progress by (forcing) requiring every student to take three exams: English, writing, and math. You can guess which exam I had a problem with. 

It was math! …Just kidding. 

Anyway, the FCAT had no exceptions as to who the exam pertained to. Whether you knew English or not, you had to take the exam. Of course, for me, it was a complete waste of time. I didn’t even know how to start a proper sentence and yet I was expected to write five paragraphs explaining why students shouldn’t be graded on their behavior (or some other silly prompt like that). 

I did terribly. Then again, I didn’t expect any different. 

In middle school, I hardly cared about what I wrote — and really, I wrote the essays to simply get them out of the way. I followed the instructions that were imprinted in my mind: have a grabber, state your thesis, provide examples, at least five paragraphs, etc. They were the commands to a robot. I hardly gave them any thought.

However, once middle school was done and high school came to the picture, that’s when I really started to care about my writing.

High school, in a way, opened my mind to the vast variety of writing styles. It was in high school where I learned that no, you don’t need to write five paragraphs to explain your opinion. No, you don’t have to write your essays by the book. Yes, you can develop your own writing style and create your own tone. 

Well yes, I still had to write a few essays every now and then — but at least I knew how I could go about writing it without remembering each step. 

Do I still hate writing?

I don’t hate it. I just dislike it now.

About the blogger:

My name is Brenda and I am a 19-year-old college student. I’m a biology major at Florida International University and I have high hopes for the future.